4-Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Offered By: Nextgen Safaris


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Nextgen Safaris

Office : Uganda https://www.africa-safaris.com/frontend/images/flags/1x1/ug.svg

Size : 15 employees (Founded in 2017)

Tour Types : ,Camping Tours (Tours that go camping),Budget Tours (Tours that use budget accommodation),Mid-range Tours (Tours that use mid-range accommodation),Luxury Tours (Tours that use luxury accommodation)

Destinations : dz https://www.africa-safaris.com/frontend/images/flags/1x1/dz.svg bi https://www.africa-safaris.com/frontend/images/flags/1x1/bi.svg ke https://www.africa-safaris.com/frontend/images/flags/1x1/ke.svg tz https://www.africa-safaris.com/frontend/images/flags/1x1/tz.svg ug https://www.africa-safaris.com/frontend/images/flags/1x1/ug.svg

NextGen Safaris is a vibrant and innovative tour company based in the heart of Uganda with offices in Kenya, founded and owned by the dynamic entrepreneur Bovia Benald Jjuuko. With a profound understanding of East Africa's rich and diverse tourism industry, NextGen Safaris offers an exceptional travel experience that blends adventure, conservation, and cultural immersion.