About us

Supreme Tanzania Safaris have focused on designing and conducting specialized safaris throughout Tanzania. Having personally lead most of the safari-expeditions, our experiences enable us to give you excellent first-hand knowledge and advice on travel within Tanzania & East Africa.

Our office can also assist you with renting a car and booking domestic flights as well as to destinations such as Kenya, and Uganda.

Whether it is a day off, a long weekend or a two week holiday, we can put together a programme or tour to suit your requirements and budget. As our office is open 6 days of the week, we can be of service to you at any time. A variety of activities can be offered during trips or outings arranged by us, some of which are included and others which are offered as optional. Activities include game-viewing, guided walks, birding, fishing, expeditions, river cruises, festivals and cultural events, archaeological and historical site. When putting together your itinerary, we do our best to establish your interests and discuss with you what kind of activities and outings would suit you most.